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To see our delicious sandwich range available on your buffet please visit our Sandwiches and Sandwich Fillingspages.

All prices stated are inclusive of VAT, local delivery cost and waited service where stated. 

The ‘Retro’ Buffet
This ultimate throwback buffet will surely remind you of all the treats you used to get as a child from the buffet - only we’ve added that something to make the memory even more special

This Buffet Includes:
A selection of freshly made sandwiches and wraps garnished with salad
Home-made deep pan pizza with a range of hand cooked toppings
Homemade vol-au-vents with garlic mushroom and garlic prawn filling
Meaty, butchers style Sausage Rolls
Traditional Cheese, Onion and Pineapple Sticks
Meaty, butchers style Pork and Egg pie
Cheese Straws

Price: £6.00 per person (minimum order number 20)

The ‘Hot and Cold’ Buffet
The perfect balance of delicious dishes and flavours - suitably catered to any event

This Buffet Includes: 
A selection of freshly made sandwiches and wraps garnished with salad
Hot Southern Friend Chicken Breast Strips
Hot Potato Wedges with an array of sauces
Hot, meaty, butchers style Sausage Rolls
Tempura Battered King Prawns with dips
Onion Bhajis with Asian Inspired Dips
Meaty, butchers style Pork and Apple Pie
Assortment of Home-made Cakes and Scones

Price: £7.70 per person (minimum order number 30)

The ‘Deluxe’ Hot Buffet
An exquisite take on International hot dishes - custom seasoned and styled by our chefs

This Buffet Includes: 
Tandoori Seasoned Chicken Breast Curry
Mixed Vegetable Curry
Roasted Salmon Fillet Plain or with a dusting of Cajun Spices
Home-made Ratatouille
Turmeric and Vegetable Infused Rice
Leafy Green Salad
Assorted Range of Desserts
Refreshing Juices

Price: £9.00 per person(minimum order number 20)

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