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We provide a varied range of delicious yet affordable freshly made sandwiches to cater to all tastes and requirements. 

All sandwich fillings are home-made, home-cooked and hand-carved with our unique seasonings. Our simply delicious buffets listed below all come with disposable plates, cutlery and serviettes. 

​​Fancy an Upgrade? For just £0.75p more per person you can have our delicious fillings served in our glazed brioche buns, bagels and hearty whole subs alongside our traditional sandwiches and wraps!  To view our fillings visit our Sandwich Fillings page.

Wedges are available for buffets of 25 or more for £0.50p per person. 

Our 'Simply Sandwich' Buffet

A mix of homemade and home-seasoned meat and vegetarian sandwiches

Assorted freshly made sandwiches with salad garnish and crisps 

Price: £3.20 per person

The Hot Sandwich Buffet

Bacon or Sausage Sandwiches

Served hot on a breakfast bap with waited service - available for evening service - served with condiments.

Price: £2.70 per person (minimum order 40 people)

The Luxury Sandwich Buffet

Hand-carved Roasted Sandwiches

Home roasted ham, beef and turkey sandwiches. Thickly carved in front of you, the customer - served with herby diced potatoes, salad and condiments. 

Price: £5.00 per person (minimum order 50 people)