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Diane Collier Catering Services has been providing its specialist service to the people of East Lancashire for over 30 years.   


The quality of our home-cooked cuisine has blessed us with a leading industry name in Lancashire, West Yorkshire and the Greater Manchester area. 


Our client portfolio is varied and dynamic showing our ability to cater for a wide range of events. We can provide buffets for any size event, be it a large corporate gathering or that special 21st party right through to small business meetings and family gatherings. 


Whether we're providing a large service for one of our national customers such as the NHS, or preparing the evening food for your Saturday night party, you can be assured that the highest amount of quality and care goes into providing you with a delicious meal and fantastic experience.  

Your Occasion, Your Way...

Regardless of the occasion, we will strive to provide an exceptional service through our delicious food. Should you have any queries regarding your event and wanting to add/change or cater for special needs please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to adapt to your needs for that special event. 

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